All works for solo and orchestra tuning
"Con Elephanza"
A duet for two basses, emphasizing the elegance of the instrument rather than the lugubrious image as the title would imply, with some interesting dance-like interludes and melodies." Alex Korda, Bass News England
 For Two Double Basses (ADV) In three movements FH2935
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"Tom Thumb" (INT) For Two Classical Pizzicato Double Basses Played entirely in "reverse pizzicato" using the thumb. "This short, fun piece is ideal for the intermediate player." (ISB)
$ 9.00
"Tom Thumb" with Piano
"Tom Thumb" was recorded in November, 2001 by the Bass plyers Roman Patkolo and Rusian Lutsky with pianist Milana Chernyavska (ARNAEUS MUSIC CD2002). For this version Egilsson added a piano part and two arco solo parts.
$ 18.00

"An Olde Fashioned Basspiece" (ADV) For Double Bass alone In three movements and has a baroque flavor. The third movement makes extensive use of the thumb position and proceeds at a rapid pace FH2853
"A three movement suite for unaccompanied double bass - ala Bach - and should be standard repertoire for every college student as it is filled with great rhythm, melodic and technical interest." (Alex Korda, Bass News, England)
“As with all of his pieces featuring the bass, Egilsson writes masterfully and virtuosically, exploiting an almost four octive range. While each movement has a distinct spirit, each also features several tempo and character changes, giving the composition an overall feel of a Baroque fantasy.” (Bass World)

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"Steeped-in-Pathos" (INT) for Solo Double Bass and Piano. The interesting harmonic structure combined with smooth voice leading make it very effective in a concert situation. Some jazz background helpful.
"......this lovely one movement ballad type piece is a must for anyone looking for a bowed Jazz solo......." (ISB). Includes Jazz version
$ 18.00
"Air" (INT) For Solo Double Bass and Piano
".......brimming with attractive poignant harmonies....." (Bass World)
"Air" is a touchingly simple example of Egilsson´s musical integrity" (Double Bassist)
$ 16.00
"A Lovesong for You" (INT) For Solo Double Bass and Piano
"..........tender and lovely........"(Bass World)
Also available in Jazz version
$ 18.00
"Casa del Alcalde" (INT/ADV)
For Classical or Jazz Pizzicato Double Bass Challenging "Flamenco"style piece Audience and/or second Bass join in melody for added Spanish flavor
"Not only is this piece a wonderful opportunity to invite audiences to join in the fun, but it is a welcome and spicy addition to the repertoire" (BassWorld)
"To Dorette" (INT/ADV)
For Solo Double Bass and Piano. Features both classical pizzicato and arco. Recorded in November 2001 by Roman Patkolo "Bassically Yours" Arnaeus CD2002. Also available in jazz version
"A sweet and simple composition." (Mark Urness, Bass World)
"A beautiful and soulful aria dedicated to the composer's wife." (Alex Korda, Bass News England)
$ 18.00
"A New Beginning" (INT/ADV) For Solo Double Bass and Piano
"A New Beginning has a wistful and sad melody that could melt even the hardest of hearts." (Alex Korda, Bass News, England)
$ 18.00
“Völukvœdi” The Sibyl´s Poem For Double Bass and Piano
" an amazing, gripping composition, full of spiky dissonance contrasted with lovely melodies." (Mark Urness, Bass World) (ADV)
Recorded by Christine Hoock (bass) and Barbara Nusbaum (piano) on their CD "World Wide Bass" LC8808 order #ambg6930
$ 20.00
"Quiet Moment" for Double Bass and Piano (INT/ADV) $14.00
"European Memories" (ADV) for Double Bass and Piano. FH3403  Available at Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag