Music for Solo JAZZ BASS
In terms of difficulty, all the jazz pieces are in the "intermediate" catagory except "Yo Gringo"
"Bass Blues"
For Solo Jazz Bass and accompaniment. A straight ahead 12 bar blues with chord changes for your favorite accompanist. The melody is easy, not going above octive G, and the last chorus may be played or sung ".......nice touch indeed.." (ISB).
$ 8.00
"Blues for Ray"
For two jazz Basses and accompaniment Written for Ray Brown
This is a faithful transcription of the recording on the "Basses Loaded" CD. There are also improvised sections in this tasteful and playable blues. This will help you get in shape for parallel tenths!
"....a gorgeously slinky blues...(The New York Times)
$ 8.00
"A Song for a Fat Lady"
For 1,2 or 3 Jazz Basses and accompaniment. ".....the melody reflects the un-politically correct title with a very lazy swing feel......." (Bass World)
$ 10.00
"Mr Brown, I Presume!"
For Solo Jazz Bass and accompaniment. "............a catchy tune..." (Bass World)
$ 8.00
"New Orleans Tune"
For 2 Jazz Basses and accompaniment. A straight-ahead 12/8 jazz melody with chord changes so that a piano or other instrument could accompany. The piece contains an improvised section, and works well for the intermediate player FH 2936
"New Orleans Tune is an accessible, thoroughly listenable and fun piece of music. The melody and underlying harmonies are sweet and simple, and sound every bit like something one would expect to hear wafting out of a New Orleans club."
Chris Kosky, The Double Bassist
"New Orleans Tune is a light, pleasing and very playable work." Bass World
Available at Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag
"Bass Strut"
For Two Jazz Basses and accompaniment
$ 8.00
For Solo Jazz Bass and piano"
"......this lovely one movement ballad type piece is a must for anyone looking for a bowed Jazz solo......." (ISB). Includes Classical version
$ 18.00
"Humpty Dumpty"
For Two Jazz Basses and accompaniment
$ 10.00
"Say What!!?"
For Solo Jazz Bass and accompaniment "The syncopated bebop melodic line is bluesy, easily manageable by an intermediate student ....a prime candidate for a duo setting" (Bass World)
$ 8.00
"The Bassplayer´s Valse"
For Solo Jazz Bass and accompaniment. Mellow ballad in 3/4 "The melody is simple, beautiful and the accompanying chords serve to recreate jazz pianist Bill Evans´ open-voiced ballad style" (Bass World)
$ 8.00
"Yo Gringo" (ADV)
For two Jazz Basses. Also works well for two electric basses. In Latin style
$ 9.00
"A Lovesong for You"
For Solo Double Bass, Piano and rhythm section.
This jazz version is a bit different from the classical version.
It starts and ends with Solo Bass (arco) and Piano.
Rhythm section joins in the middle section of the piece
$ 11.00
"Bopping at the Bass Club"
For two Jazz Basses and Combo
$ 11.00
For two Jazz Basses and Combo
$ 8.00
"Blue Sunday"
For two Jazz Basses and combo
$ 8.00
"Basses Three O"
For three Jazz Basses
$ 11.00
"Stinky Pooh"
For two or three Jazz Basses and Combo
$ 11.00
"What's Goin' On?"
For two Jazz Basses and Combo
$ 11.00
"Casa del Alcalde"
Flamenco Bass style opens for solos. For one or two Jazz Basses with Combo
$ 15.00
"We Try to Go On"
For Solo Jazz Bass
In Memory of NHP
$ 8.00
"Dat's Blues Mann!!?"
For Solo Jazz Bass and Blues Band
$ 8.00
For Solo Jazz Bass and Combo
$ 10.00
"A Little Reykjavik Funk"
For Solo Electric Bass and Jazz fusion group
$ 8.00