Title: Reflections - $16.00

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Southern California based Arni Egilsson seems to possess a primordeal connection to his native Iceland that seeps into his solemn, yet energetic compositions. Egilsson's orchestral work "Reflections" summons the darkeness of winter, using icy textures and isolated instrumental solos to paint a desolate atmospherre tinted with hop and yearning. The bellowing horn melodies in "Blaer" evoke ancient hunting calls over the spirited backdrop of woodwinds. The piano solo "Just a Thought" lightly drifts about, repeatedly landing and taking flight. Again tapping into the nordic psyche, Egilsson's mystical treatment of sound culminates with the vocal works "Erinnerungen" and Dies Irae" - RN

Reflections - Music by Árni Egilsson

The Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Hollywood Studios Woodwind Quintet

Just A Thought
Gloria Cheng, piano

Claudine Carlson, mezzo soprano; Robert Hunter, piano

The Choir of the Church of Langholt, Jon Stefansson

American Record Guide July/Aug 2003
Double Bass virtuoso Arni Egilsson builds dramatic, cinematic sounds on "Reflections". I like his music best when he is exploring textures. His themes and his development of the material in the large ensemble works are effective... What did stick with me was the material in "Erinnerungen". This is a beautiful song, harmonically focussed and well organized. I listened to it several times, each time savoring both the performance and the beauty of the melody. All the performers are very good, but I was especially taken with Gloria Cheng, who brings characteristic clarity and intensity to "Just a Thought".