Title: Say What? - $16.00

Wayne and Árni in Graz, Austria '99
"My Funny Valentine"
Recorded "live"in Queens Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland August 1998. Wayne Darling, Arni Egilsson Double Basses,
Brian Kellock, piano, John Rae, Drums.
"Bass Strut"
"Song for a Fat Lady"
"Casa del Alcalde"
"Say What"
"Humpty Dumpty"

All 5 tunes by Árni Egilsson
Recorded in St. Bridgitte Church, North Liberty, Iowa, summer 1999
Wayne Darling and Arni Egilsson Double Bass

"Song for Albert"
"Unfinished Business"
for unaccompanied Bass
by Wayne Darling
Recorded in St. Bridgitte Church, North Liberty, Iowa, summer 1999.
Wayne Darling Double Bass

"The Wild West"
by Wayne Darling
for unaccompanied Bass
Recorded in Vienna, Austria
Wayne Darling, Double Bass.

"A Lovesong for You"
by Arni Egilsson
Recorded "live" at Clapp Recital Hall University of Iowa
summer 1999
Wayne Darling and Arni Egilsson Double Basses
Bill Mays, piano, Tim Froncek, drums
Capturing the zeitgeist of the ISB biennial gathering, this project was recorded during the Iowa conference in June 1999, and includes a live track from this duo's recital at the University of Iowa. One track comes from a live recording as part of the International Double Bass Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland. Darling's solo track The Wild West was recorded in a church, and provides the resonant sound so complimentary to the instruments.

It is always great fun to listen to friends make music, and this is certainly the case with Say what!!? The first four selections are playful duets penned by Egilsson. Bass Strut is exactly that. And Song For A Fat Lady is, well, let's say you can see her coming, and going. Casa Del Alcade is a flamenco inspired duet, while the title track is hip-hop infused with swing and folksy theme. Darling's two solo settings, Song For Albert and The Wild West, utilize a plethora of contemporary techniques in a musical manner. His Unfinished Business features the bass more conventionally, but uses his own voice to create a novel duet. Pianist Brian Kellock and drummer John Rae join the duo on My Funny Valentine. Egilsson's arco voice is bluesy, giving perhaps the double bass impression of Joe Williams. The final piece, A Love Song For You is an original by Egilsson, and includes pianist Bill Mays and drummer Tim Fronceck. Again, the souful arco and harmony create a special mood, something along the line of Here's That Rainy Day. Say What!!? is really an ode to friends, friendship and the music and basses that bind them!
Review by Tom Knific

"Pure listening pleasure. Whether it is the loose and swinging "Bass Strut", bluesy and dynamic 'Song for a Fat lady', 'Say What!?', 'Casa del Alcalde', or 'Humpty Dumpty' Wayne Darling, Árni Egilsson and their Double Basses always connect in these small Chamber Music masterpieces."
- Thorsten Meyer
Reviewed in "Jazz Podium" Stuttgart, Germany, May 2000